Hey there! I’m Ruchi Sharma, the founder of Eat Fit Repeat. My journey into the world of nutrition wasn’t just a career choice; it was born out of a deeply personal experience that reshaped my life.

As a new mother, I battled with postpartum depression, a struggle familiar to many women. Therapy and medication were essential, but as my son, Yuvaan, grew and became more independent, those feelings resurfaced. Feeling the weight of responsibility for my young son and longing for fulfillment in my own life, I knew I needed to make a change.

Driven by my belief in doing things the right way, I immersed myself in studying and learning from leading experts. I applied this knowledge to help myself first, successfully shedding weight and maintaining my health. I delved deeper into the science of weight loss and management, focusing on addressing underlying issues to ensure long-lasting results for myself and others.

Thus, Eat Fit Repeat was born. Initially relying on support from family and friends – a common start for many Indian businesses. My dedication and expertise soon attracted a growing clientele through word-of-mouth referrals.
Originally, my clientele consisted of close friends and family, serving as the early promoters of my services. Through word of mouth, the demand increased, prompting me to shift from offline consultations to online interactions. Surprisingly, the online approach produced better results, and my business flourished.

As my business expanded, I realized the importance of educating clients about nutrition fundamentals. I understood that sustainable results required more than just quick fixes; they demanded a deeper understanding of healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.
My goal is to help people understand the importance of what they eat and how it affects their bodies. I want to make sure that everyone I interact with knows exactly what’s in their food and how it can contribute to their overall health. My aim is to remove any fear or confusion around food, especially when it comes to losing weight.

Beyond professional achievements, I’m proud to be a positive role model for my son. I firmly believe in leading by example, especially in shaping our children’s values. This belief was a driving force behind starting Eat Fit Repeat; I wanted to prioritize my mental and physical health, recognizing their profound importance.

My Vision

At Eat Fit Repeat, my aim is to educate people about the basics of nutrition and help them understand what it truly means to have a balanced life. Through my experience running this business for six years and counting, I’ve found that many people lack basic knowledge about nutrition beyond what they learned in school. Daily decisions about food often lack awareness, leading to potential health issues down the line. That’s why my goal isn’t just about helping clients achieve short-term fitness goals, but to make them realize that health is more than just a number on the scale. We take a holistic approach at EFR, focusing on raising awareness about daily habits. With the rise of lifestyle disorders in India, it’s essential to educate people about effective management strategies. My aim is to equip clients with the tools they need to navigate nutrition throughout their lives.

To achieve this, I provide tailored nutritional plans that consider each client’s lifestyle and dietary preferences. Additionally, I offer exercise plans that seamlessly fit into their daily routines. Most importantly, I conduct functional blood work analysis, delving deeper into clients’ blood tests to understand their health better. By looking beyond normal ranges and assessing markers like blood sugar, cholesterol, and more, I can create personalized plans to improve clients’ overall health and well-being. My ultimate goal is to look at the root cause of the problem and fix it there, rather than just addressing symptoms.


My ability to provide these services effectively stems from my extensive education and qualifications. I hold certifications from reputable institutions –
* Expert course from Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences (INFS),
* ECNA Professional Nutriton & CPT certification from Elite Coaches & Nutrition Academy (ECNA),
* Menstrual cycle course from AWPT University
* Weight management: Beyond balancing calories from Emory University
* Currently, pursuing a 12 month course on Functional Medicine from the Institute of Health by Mr.Jake Carter.