Tips for Healthy skin

Tips for Healthy skin

Every single girl has a dream to get clear, flawless and hydrated skin. But are you providing your skin with the right nutrition? As a matter of fact we always go for the best night creams or facial treatment when it comes to skin, but the journey towards beautiful skin always starts when it gets nourishment from within. Just like other body cells, our older skin cells constantly shed and new cells gear up to take their place. A continuous supply of basic and key nutrients is necessary in order to speed up this growth process. Eat a colourful, healthy and balanced diet to feed your skin with essential nutrients it needs to help it be soft, hydrated and supple. Follow some of these simple tips to get that natural  glow.

1.HYDRATE YOURSELF: Hydration is key to have healthy and supple skin. Our skin needs to be moisturized & lack of hydration makes it dull and water is the best way to moisturize your skin from within. Even a mild dehydration can cause your skin look dry, dull and under nourished. To maintain your hydration level, it is recommended to drink at least 8 -10 glasses of water every day. Along with that, vegetable juices are best way to go with when it comes to hydrate your body and skin; they will give you the ultimate hydration along with key nutrients.

2. AVOID CRASH DIETING: For the sake of shedding unwanted pounds, girls before their big day are often seen doing crash diets. Such diets limit the supply of basic nutrients that your skin requires to be healthy and leave their footprints in the form of dullness, wrinkles and sagging of your skin. It is advised to regulate weight issues in a healthy way instead of opting for such diets.

3. DONT FEAR THE FATS: Fats are often misunderstood and avoided by most of the people; instead there are some healthy fats that your skin uses as natural moisturizers. Fats are infact regarded as one of the key elements in skin health. The most important of these fats are omega-3, good levels of omega-3 helps in getting plump skin & improves quality, by reducing inflammation as well as supplying the building blocks for healthy skin cells.

4. INCLUDE A RAINBOW OF FRUITS & VEGGIES: Who denies the role of fruits and vegetables in the maintenance of good and healthy skin? Of course nobody! Fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants that will protect your skin against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Vegetable drinks are highly underrated and needs to be paid attention towards. Along with fruits, vegetable juices also play a vital role in making your skin blemish-free with the help of miraculous nutrients found in them.

5. COLLAGEN : Haven’t we all seen the rage about collagen boosting products for our skin? But did you know “Your body has been making collagen all your life” Shocked? Collagen ia s protein – which is found in your muscles, organs, ligaments, tendons, skin and more. But collagen levels keep decreasing as we grow older. Collagen can be formed by your body by eating protein rich foods along with Vitamin C, Zinc and copper. Combine your fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products with citrus fruits, broccoli, red & yellow bell peppers & get your dose of minerals from nuts, whole grains, beans & shellfish. Also there’s nothing wrong in adding a protein & collagen supplement to your diet for a healthier & happier skin.

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